Thursday, October 29, 2009


Its been quite a while since I’ve updated. Everything is just flying by and we’re all so busy.

Presley has been doing fantastic. She started school in September, goes for three hours and loves it! She receives speech therapy, OT and one-on-one time with her teachers. She gets out of the car each morning and tells me bye. She plays on the playground with a little boy and she has one little girl in her classroom with her. School is great!

She also received her cuddle swing. We’re working our way into it, she likes to swing in it as a taco. By the way, we got our insurance to pay for all of her equipment. Including her new super adorable weighted vest, from therapro. The vest is doing wonderful. If she starts to flip out, we put it on her and a weird calm comes over her.

We started OT again yesterday and we’re still working on her feeding issues, which are, pretty much, about where they were last time I posted about it. She’ll now take a bite off a soft baked cookie, however, we’re still feeding her purred food and she is still not feeding herself. She is now eating MORE, so her volume has increased greatly.

So that’s about all that’s going on, hopefully, I’ll have time to update more soon!