Thursday, October 2, 2008

I've started this blog with the intent of keeping track of my daughters progress through therapy, as well as keeping her doctors, family and friends informed about whats going on.

Presley, who has a development delay has been informally diagnosed with Sensory integration disorder. We're in the process of having her tested for Autism or any other related disorder.

As I'm writing this she is 26 months old, we've had her in early intervention therapy for the past year. She is labeled as having a delay scattered between 12 to 18 months. Around 18 months she was seen by a local developmental pediatrician who thought she could have Autism but it could really go "either way." I was not satisfied with his session (an hour long, no bedside manor, no real interaction with Presley) and have made an appointment (March 5th to have her reevaluated by another team.

Here is a bit of what she has going on:
*Little eye contact, hardly turning to name
*Still eating purred baby foods, she gags on lumpy food, she has just started to properly "chew" but mostly swallows food whole.
*She spins in cirlces
*Sometimes hand flaps, hits her ears when she gets mad
*Not very social with peers her age, more connected with adults
*Has a big speech delay, shes at about a 12 month level for speech development. Her words consist of "hi" "hey" and rarley "All done"
*Shes very into being overstiumulated, lights, busy places and a lot going on she thrives in.
*She still wakes up around 1-3 times a night and has a hard time going to bed (she'd rather stand in bed and spin and play)
*Recently she has become very attached to myself and my husband (which is great!) before she could have really cared less if we were even around
*constant teeth grinding

So basically we're going to post videos of therpay sessions, photos of Presley being adorable and other random information.

(Presleys momma!)


Michal said...

thanks for following my blog. this is a great idea that you have for documenting your daughter's symptoms and behaviors. it does really sound like autism spectrum disorder. i know that when we finally got a diagnosis for our son that we felt such a sense of relief because we knew where to go next.
we have had a lot of success with our son (asperger's syndrome) with rdi therapy, mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and occupational therapy (which we have mostly done on our own.) i have heard about even better results with hbot when the child is younger and lower functioning. you might look into it in your area.
i commend you for seeking out an early intervention for presley. many parents spend so many of the early years in denial, and although i can understand their pain and their desire for everything to be normal, it doesn't help the child. i'm sure you will get the answers you are seeking as you continue to pursue this.

sundancehound said...

I am Presley's great-grandma and after speaking to my grandaughter we have a lot of hope for Presley due to her Mom and Dad's early awareness of a problem that could mean a lot of difficulty and challenges ahead for the 3 of them. We hope to see Presley and her parents soon.