Sunday, December 28, 2008

I just heard about this movie that came out, called Autisitc-like: Graham's story which I really want to see. Of course, Netflix doesnt have it yet--so i guess i'd have to buy a copy. Its about Sensory processing disorder.

You know, the more time that goes by the more i think its just the SPD, maybe not Autism. I'm so torn, because, hello, i'm no doctor, but i see all these signs...then somedays i just see a normal kid with a speech delay.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what the doctors think. March. March 5th. Just a three more months.

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me said...

It doesn't matter really where your child is on the spectrum. I didn't know where AJ was on the spectrum when she was 2 and 3, in fact I was wrong. I thought it was aspergers because that is is the highest functioning that you can be on the spectrum (so I thought) but now I know that is is autism and that she is actually higher functioning autism than many aspergers kids. I can tell you that if you are worried about Presley's developmental issues and that you know there is a delay, then go to the generation rescue website and get going today on their philosophy/treatment strategies.

Things that our pediatricians told me never helped AJ, but doing some biomed and the GFCFSF diet is huge for her concentration so that she can finally focus on her speech classes. When I cheat on the diet and she gets foggy, she can't pay attention in all her therapies. You should pile on the speech and OT as much as possible. Your little one is still so young and there is a lot you can still do for her. Do it while she is little, especially with removing the toxins in her environment and implementing the diet. Of course, you are her mama, you know what is best for her, but I wish I would have started biomed stuff with AJ earlier and that someone had told me these things.
Take care.