Wednesday, February 4, 2009


We got our packet in the mail for the Autism testing about a week ago. I've finally managed to get everything together and answer all they're packets. I got one of Presleys therpist to go over all the paperwork to make sure i checked everything off right. I've also managed to get all the copys of previous testings, MRI, Feeding clinic, Previous Autism testing, Sensory profiles and load of Early intervention stuff. The packet i'm mailing them back is at least two inches thick. I think i'm also going to put a note in there about this blog so they can at least view some of the videos.

I'm happy to report that Presley is using more words. We cant get her to say them again, but it still interesting her hear her say things, even it if it's once. For instance she's said "hawK" and "deeR" and during a therapy session, when Auntie Jessica was here she counted to nine! NINE! Thats such a huge deal and i'm so proud of her. Now when she gets angry she counts to three.

With a bit of back and fourth i've managed to get her a weighted vest and swing through insurence/early intervention. I've picked out a taco swing because she digs deep pressure. Its basically like a hammock, she can lay in and swing. The weighted vest is just like it sounds and has the same deep pressure affect and keeps her centered.

Brittons mother, who runs an in home daycare reported that Presley has been interacting more with the other kids. His mom says that she's noticed a big difference in her when it comes to interacting with the other kids.

I'm so proud of my little squirt!

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Stef Toxic. Clothing Designer. Smut Peddler. said...

Im so proud of you guys! I dont know how you do it, girl! I cant imagine having that much patience, but I know a mother would do anything for her baby. You're a viking!