Thursday, July 30, 2009

I haven’t posted in a very long time, so I guess I’m due to give some updates.

Presley’s birthday is August 11th & she will then age out of early intervention services. She’ll start early childhood special education September 8th & will be going to school Monday through Friday for three hours a day.
In school she’ll be receiving speech therapy twice a week. No OT. So we’ll continue doing that privately, until she’s at least eating solid food, herself. Again, she’s still not touching food and eating mostly pureed with the exception of organic snack bars (we call them cookies) made by earths best. They’re still soft, but do involve chewing a bit.

Start school has me a bit stressed out. I’m sure she’ll enjoy it. She loves other kids & had a really good time singing with the teacher during the evaluation.

Speaking of singing, her speech is awesome. She’s doing really great and will repeate almost anything we ask her to say. She’s still putting two word phrases together. The other day she pointed a big tree and said ‘momma tree’ then pointed to a small tree and said ‘baby tree.’ It was adorable, of course. She’s counting to thirteen and knows some Spanish. She knows all of her colors and letters & is improving greatly. She remembers things that I’ve forgot about. She’ll point something out from trip and it boggles my mind that she remembers.

In other news she’s eligible for ‘respite’ care. Basically, respite care is to give the fulltime caregiver a break. So my friend Anna is willing to be the ‘respite’ caregiver & she gets paid for it, so that’s also pretty sweet.
She’s also on a waiting list that is something like 30 years long. In case, as an adult she isn’t capable of taking care of herself. I cant remember the name, all I remember is that she’ll have to be considered ‘mentally retarded’ (that’s the words they used) by age 6 to qualify for it. With the way she’s improving I think that by age six most of this will be a distant memory. Hopefully.

So that’s about all that’s going on. I’ll be doing school shopping for my three year old little girl. Buying a backpack, clothes and all the goodies that is involved in school shopping. I get to take a ‘first day of school’ picture soon enough and have to worry about her while she’s gone during the day. Its all so crazy to me. A THREE year old in school! She could even ride the BUS! Though, I’ll be driving her, still crazy.

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