Sunday, April 25, 2010

Reflective post!

In the past few months, Presley had made really great progress! I can believe how well she is speaking; putting together three word “sentences!” She’s so smart! I’m so proud of the progress she’s made and I’m looking forward to the future, because I know she’s only going to get stronger.

Since I’ve been doing my research in this blog, I’ve learned a great deal about different therapies, treatments and medical diagnoses. There’s so much great information out there and it’s all at my finger tips. I’ll never have the time to read it all, but I can try. Researching has lead to some unexpected surprises, as well as common knowledge. Being able to use the internet, instead of traditional research sources (such as, library databases) has expanded the information one is able to obtain. There are specific groups and organizations that specialize in research on Sensory Processing Disorder; they are a wealth of knowledge. I’m grateful for this project, because it has helped me learn even more about my daughter and helped me view things through her eyes.

I’ll continue writing in this blog, keeping everyone updated with Presley’s progress and anything new that may come up.

Again, I’m glad that she is making such great progress and I’m looking forward to the years to come!

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